Literary DJs

Playing Literary DJ

IB DP Language A

The new DP Language A courses are fluid in design.

This means that teachers can be literary DJs, using a range of texts and works to inspire inquiry, explore intertextuality across time and space, promote critical & TOK thinking, link meaningfully to concepts and global issues.

Through our language and literature curations, we have the power to make our IB students fall in love with the language and literature which surrounds them and understand its power as a beautiful form of expression and a potential tool for social change.

Elements from Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, ‘Black is Beautiful’, Brathwaite, Soul Train, Afro Sheen & Beyonce all come together in this sample lesson which lead to some excellent analysis from DP students.

What literary mixes will you play?

What’s playing in your classroom, DJ?
Untitled: Photo shoot at a school for one of the many modeling groups who had begun to embrace natural hairstyles in the 1960s. Credit: Kwame Brathwaite/Courtesy of Philip Martin Gallery, Los Angeles (1966)

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