IB Service Ladder – Student Reflections

Based on the IB Service Ladder, here is a student version for reflecting on their own progress in service learning. You might also like this poster to explain the steps in the journey. Designed to help IB teachers with integrating service into their subject teaching, the goal here is provide students autonomy and agency in their service learning via suggested check in points for documenting and reflecting on actions. A new IB-specific taxonomy of learning inspired by the work of Krathwohl stands behind this tool. Students should provide evidence, make meaningful links to ATLs, and reflect on their development of the IBLP attributes as they evaluate their own progress. Keep in mind that this is not a worksheet to print and tick the service learning box in your curriculum. Rather, this is tool which should be used as part of an integrative and inquiry based approach to service learning via IB subjects. Please, do read the notes on the IB Service Ladder before implementing this tool.

If you are one of 262 schools signed up to trial this Approach to Teaching and Learning of Service in your MYP/DP/DP programs, please do share your experiences with me so I can improve. Thank you!

Please download & use this student version of the IB Service Ladder.
Please note: this version is based on the IB Service Ladder.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks so much for sharing this – I’m looking forward to trialing it with my students. Do you have a version that students can edit available by any chance?


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