Preparing for the L&L IA: Individual Oral

The Internal Assessment (IA) for the new DP Language A course is the Individual Oral (IO). For Language & Literature (L&L), the IA requires students to examine the ways in which a global issue of their choice is presented through the content and form of a literary work and a non literary body of work. Students select one extract from each category to offer a 10 minute individual response, followed by a 5 minute discussion with the teacher. Ideally, as suggested by the IB, students should aim to discuss each literary work and non literary text for 4 minutes each. Along with their argument to kick off the IO and a conclusion at the end, 10 minutes of talking can be comfortably achieved.

In this assessment, the idea of “the point of contact” (L&L guide/TSM) between the two extracts is illustrated through the conceptual representation of a fulcrum. In the planning stages, discussions should include points of connection, convergence and divergence between the extracts and their literary & non literary forms, functions and impact.

For inclusion and differentiation, here is a scaffold to support your students’ planning and preparation for this crucial assessment. Feel free to make a copy and edit as needed with credits.



Introducing Global Issues

Developing a field of inquiry: sample

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